Team Pilots 
Once accepted, 

Always Convey a positive image of Drone racing to the general public at all times by being an ambassador within the drone community, and enthusiastically enhance the Turbowing brand by engaging in active conversation at drone events, providing positive and professional contact with all forms of media, and offering helpful interactions with consumers of turbowing manufactured products and with other hobbyists within the
broader market. Give turbowing both positive and negative feedback on the TW products you use. If you have a problem with something, let us hear about it first.

No public or online negative feedback or criticism of TW by TEAM MEMBER during Agreement term.
Race performance must be reported monthly to Turbowing TEAM MANAGER. TEAM MEMBER is expected to actively compete in multiple races each year, including at least one regional or national event. For all podium finishes, a short race report shall be EMAILED to TEAM MANAGER Racereport@teamturbowing.com 
within 2 days after the event: Include .jpg photos of pilot and quad and award, include winning quad set-up specifying the race name and location, class, the brand, and all major components, kits, parts and accessories, sponsored and not-sponsored, used on and in the quad.

Always have TW Decals displayed in a visible spot on your gear.

Present yourself in a respectable manner during racing events. If it is not legal for you, it is not allowed and will subject your sponsorship to
immediate termination. TW encourages TEAM MEMBERS to take every effort to be physically and mentally strong and prepared for
competition and public relations by maintaining a lifestyle conducive to staying healthy and ready for success.

Conduct yourself in a pleasant and courteous manner within the drone Community. This applies to any drone venue where the TEAM MEMBER
is regardless of whether or not you are actually using an TW product. TEAM MEMBERS must follow flight rules at all times, no matter how
small, or whether or not you agree with them.
Be well groomed and photo ready and wear a clean and ironed T-Shirt to all main events that includes a visible TW logo (If TW t-shirt not
available or other key sponsors dictate otherwise, please contact us.


All levels of sponsorship are eligible for perks occasionally offered by TW, such as the confidential testing of prototypes and pre-release,YOU MAY NOT POST ANYTHING ABOUT PROTOTYPES PERIOD.
products provided by TW at no cost to TEAM MEMBER. Whenever items are supplied by TW at no cost to TEAM MEMBER, 
 As an TW TEAM MEMBER, you may be expected to have working knowledge of the entire TW product line to help assist consumers and answer questions about all of the TW products. TEAM MEMBERS should familiarize themselves as best they can with the technical specs of the current TW product line, and should direct tech questions to TEAM MANAGER for
clarification before giving inaccurate information to anyone. If in doubt, refer them to our website or the TW tech department

TEAM MEMBER is to inform TW TEAM MANAGER immediately of any new, changed, or terminated sponsorships with other manufactures, companies, teams or organizations, and notify TEAM MANAGER when any contact data, credit card billing, or information from the initial application has changed. TEAM MEMBER agrees to grant TW and its subsidiaries a license to use the TEAM MEMBER's name, likeness, application bio, and race reporting in the production, promotion, and distribution of products of TW and its subsidiaries online, in video, in photographs, in press
releases, magazines, and other media, at TEAM MANAGER's discretion. This permission is of an indefinite duration, and continues even if the TEAM MEMBER no longer has a team relationship or agreement with TW. All DRONE related self-promotion, news, postings should disclose your affiliation with TW and written news site or other media submissions/releases/reviews/articles should be processed through your TW TEAM MANAGER to assure it meets our accepted professional press release format and grammar guidelines. TEAM MEMBER must friend us on Facebook, remain active friend during entire Agreement term, visit TW sites and microsites including exclusive TWteam on Facebook regularly to keep up with important updates from TW, make reasonable effort to keep abreast of general news and advancements in the overall drone community, and maintain a respectful online persona. Remember that you are a representative of tw at drone events, and when mentioning or listing your sponsors, always list or mention TW last.
TERMINATION OF SPONSORSHIP – Out of fairness to other PILOTS and to TW, violation of the following rules will not be tolerated from any TEAM MEMBER and will be cause for immediate sponsorship termination:
TEAM MEMBER may not engage in or have any evidence of disorderly, illegal, or criminal conduct, substance abuse, excessive foul language and/or physical violence.
TEAM MEMBER may not make any public or online criticism of TW products. As noted before, your input is important, make product comments to the TW Engineering Staff in a non-public forum or via an email to SUPPORT@TEAMTURBOWING.COM
TEAM MEMBER may not exhibit destructive or criminal behavior, poor sportsmanship, or any other conduct TW deems inappropriate or unbecoming of a TEAM MEMBER.
TEAM MEMBER must disclose all other sponsors and sponsorship changes or terminations immediately, and TEAM MEMBER must disclose any criminal conviction or serious legal matter. If TEAM MEMBER has not reported race results or communicated with the TEAM MANAGER for TWO consecutive months, the TEAM MEMBER will be deemed inactive and the sponsorship may be suspended or terminated. Non-contact for 3 consecutive months constitutessponsorship abandonment and your status as TEAM MEMBER will be terminated. 
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